Most Gender Equality Nation + Why AAs Don't Vote Repub + Should U Stop Filming Cops?

The Country with the Most Gender Equality in the World

EXCERPT: I recently visited the most gender equal country in the world. Can you guess what it is? It is known as the land of fire and ice, its economy relies heavily on fish and tourism, and its name is a bit deceiving. [...] Like most visitors [...] I was not visiting [...] to get a sociological lesson in gender equality. Instead, I was there to experience the awe-inspiring natural beauty that seems to be right in front of you no matter where you turn. With an abundance of volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers, fjords, waterfalls, beaches, and valleys, [ is...] a nature-lover’s dream. [...] for the sixth year in a row [...] ranked first among 142 nations on the Global Gender Index (the U. S. ranked 20th)...

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Why Asian-Americans Don't Vote Republican

EXCERPT: [...] this interaction likely reminded Choe and other Asian-American voters that being Asian often translates to being perceived by fellow Americans as a foreigner. However innocuous Trump’s question may seem, this is exactly the sort of exchange that could, in part, be pushing Asian Americans – the highest-income, most-educated, and fastest-growing segment of the United States – toward the Democratic Party by landslide margins. [...] Republicans should be alarmed by this statistic, as Asians weren’t always so far out of reach for Republicans. [...] No other group has shifted so dramatically in their party identification within such a short time period. [...] Moreover, Asian Americans as a group have a number of attributes that would usually predict an affinity for the Republican Party....

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Cops Say Stop Filming: Should You?

EXCERPT: If a cop is in a public place carrying out his duties, then he is subject to recording, and there isn’t anything the cops can do to stop it from happening. The only thing you can’t do is interfere with the situation; if you can record from a distance and keep out of the way, the officer has no right to confiscate your device; even if they do ask you to stop interfering with their duties, they cannot destroy film legally....

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