Sadistic gods of virtual realities + Peter Watson on The Age of Nothing

A Philosophy Professor Discovers He's an AI in a Simulated World Run by a Sadistic Teenager

EXCERPT: ... in my story "Out of the Jar", originally published in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I am now making the story freely available on my UC Riverside website....

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Peter Watson on The Age of Nothing

EXCERPT: So far as I know, Jürgen Habermas set the ball rolling. In 2008 he wrote a celebrated essay, ‘An Awareness of What is Missing: Faith and Reason in a Post-Secular Age.’ The thrust of what he had to say first occurred to him after he had attended a memorial service for Max Frisch, the Swiss author and playwright [...] Habermas went on to use this event – Frisch’s memorial – as the basis for his essay...

[...] In this effort he traces the development of thought from the Axial Age to the Modern period and argues that, while ‘the cleavage between secular knowledge and revealed knowledge cannot be bridged’, the fact that religious traditions are, or were in 2008, an ‘unexhausted force’, must mean that they are based more on reason than secular critics allow and this ‘reason’, he thought, lies in religion’s appeal to what he called ‘solidarity’, the idea of a ‘moral whole’, a world of collectively binding ideals, ‘the idea of the Kingdom of God on earth’. It is this, he said, that contrasts successfully with secular reason, and provides the ‘awkward’ awareness of something that is missing. In effect, he said that the main monotheisms had taken several ideas from classical Greece – Athens as much as Jerusalem – and based their appeal on Greek reason as much as on faith: this is one reason why they have endured....

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