"Libs of TikTok" threatens to sue Twitter after suspension

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EXCERPTS: The Libs of TikTok Twitter account was suspended from Twitter Wednesday for “hateful conduct,” its owner said on her website.

[...] The Libs of TikTok account gained online notoriety for resharing videos liberals posted to TikTok in which users made bizarre and offensive statements about political and social issues, and in the past year the account has focused heavily on sexually explicit LGBT initiatives targeting children, such as drag queen story hours and instances of adults stripping and dancing provacatively for child audiences.

[...] The account has been suspended by Twitter in the past and then reinstated after the company acknowledged it hadn’t violated its rules, according Raichik’s attorneys.

“The truth is I haven’t engaged in hateful conduct. I’ve just exposed the Left’s depravity by reporting the facts. There’s no rule against that, so they have to make up violations I’ve never committed,” Raichik wrote... (MORE - missing details)

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