Tiny House Updates: Mini-gem; Stunning TH; Couple builds first TH; Student goes TH

Talented architect tackles the tiny house and comes up with a mini gem

EXCERPT: Last year we wrote about How a talented architect makes an RV look like a charming cabin in the woods, where Architect Kelly Davis looked at the rulebook for Park Model homes and reinvented the model. Because it's all about rules; if you want to build anything there is a set of them somewhere. That's why tiny homes are 8'-6" wide and on wheels- they then can be called recreational vehicles (RVs) and be exempt from standard building codes and zoning bylaws. Now Kelly Davis and Dan George Dobrowolski are at it again, pushing the RV rule book to design and build a stunning new Tiny House, the Escape Traveler....

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“Smouse” Is A Stunning Tiny Home Infused With Beautiful Art

EXCERPT: Ruby Madrona describes their tiny house as at the top of the list for the best decision she and her husband Ted ever made in their lives, and it’s easy to see why. Located in a picturesque setting in the Suislaw Forest, next to the Little Nestucca River in Oregon, their tiny house seems like it sprouted from the setting as part of natural evolution. They spent eight months building their dream home, at a cost of around $25k which doesn’t include the many hours of labor. The couple formerly owned an art gallery, and through close relationships with 22 artists they commissioned special works, all of which have been carefully placed as accents throughout the home....

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Couple builds their first tiny house

EXCERPT: It’s less than a year old, but this tiny trailer home in Reno, Nevada, is already famous – it was featured in Jeremy Beasley’s tiny house documentary Small is Beautiful – and already for sale. The owners, Mitchell Mast and Nicholette Codding, spent about 14 months building the 230-square-foot place, in part because they wanted “to be free of the chains of debt”, and the $65,000 they expect to get for it should go a long way toward helping them achieve that goal....

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College Student Builds Tiny Home for Debt-Free Living

EXCERPT: You won’t find too many college juniors who already own a house. University of Texas design major Joel Weber is one who does, and because it’s a tiny house that he built himself he’s managed it without either a trust fund or a huge mortgage. (Joel does have a mortgage, but since his 145-square-foot home on wheels cost only about $20,000 he expects to have it paid off by the time he graduates.) While becoming a debt-free homeowner at 25 is pretty great, it wasn’t the only reason Joel went small – he was inspired by a childhood love of treehouses and the simpler way of life he’d observed during a sojourn in Central America....

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