South Carolina bill to remove Confederate flag advances

Quote:South Carolina bill to remove Confederate flag advances

South Carolina's Senate has passed a bill to remove the Confederate flag from the state capitol in Columbia.
It was put forward after the flag was linked to a gunman who killed nine people at a Charleston church in June.
The bill must now pass by a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives before being sent to the governor for approval.
The flag is seen by some as an icon of slavery and racism while others say it symbolises US heritage and history.
The flag was originally the battle flag of the southern states in the American Civil War when they tried to break away to prevent the abolition of slavery.
The debate over its use was reignited after Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old charged with killing nine black people on 17 June, was pictured flying the flag.

The main problem with the concept of banning such a flag is firstly the internet is littered with it and it won't easily go away, secondly any small deviation in it's design can create an entirely different flag that isn't actually rooted to the concerns of the original flag.  Here's an example I made that I think has an underlining meaning that hopefully wouldn't cause any arguments. (This is a modified version of the wiki Confederate Flag image)

[Image: ff.png]

Feel free to crack the code, hopefully I set it right... I don't want to make a similar mistake to Kryptos (
A great man (Martin Luther King Jr) was once paraphrased:
"It's not the colour of your skin, but the content of your characters that matters."
I recollect a controversial incident similar to this one from years ago, where a black fireman removed an American flag for the same reason: That it was a symbol of oppression. Seemed a curious reaction to me initially, since that stance is usually reserved for the Confederate flag.

But as I started considering it from the standpoint of the fireman, I realized he was just guilty of being astute and lacking double standards. Slavery had transpired far longer under versions of the stars and stripes than it had under the brief four years of the CSA's existence. Discrimination against blacks was allowed in the South for almost a century after the civil war -- during which the pre-Rebel emblem was once again flying cooperatively overhead with the impotent historical relic, as well as mitigated varieties of prejudice and segregation persisting across the rest of the country.

Well into the 21st century (when "Dukes of Hazzards" episodes are being buried from sight in the same taboo vault as Speedy Gonzales cartoons) the USA's capitol city is still permitted to have a football team called the "Washington Redskins" (recently losing a trademark registration hasn't changed matters). Highlighting that the original indigenous population of the continent still doesn't garner as much respect for their complaints as kidnapped / dislocated peoples and immigrant minorities.

Kudos to that politically inter-consistent fireman of a lost news article, for not solely following a particular flag-fixated herd which serves the purpose of myopically detouring attention away from the "sins" of a non-defunct American flag.
I don't understand all the hoopla regarding flying this flag. South Carolina already flies its own state flag with the American flag. Why does it need a third flag that was an emblem of slavery and secession and rebellion against the U.S. government? Is there anything of pride or value that must be commemorated with this? No..The confederacy was a mistake based on a bad idea. Sure ancestors died for that cause. But they were mistaken. It doesn't make them villians. But it doesn't make them heroes either. War afterall is just a bad idea altogether.

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