Dubai police will use citywide network of drones to respond to crime (vehicles)

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EXCERPTS: Dubai police will be able to respond to an incident anywhere in the United Arab Emirates city within a minute, thanks to a network of pre-positioned drone bases. The quadcopters, supplied by Israeli company Airobotics, will [...] reduce police response time from 4.4 minutes to 1 minute...

Each base has a sliding roof that allows the drones to enter and exit. The drones can fly pre-programmed patrols, or be dispatched to a specific location, allowing an operator at police headquarters to inspect the scene, or follow a suspicious individual or vehicle and pass data to other police units.

[...] The base station relays communications and incorporates a robot arm to swap out the drone’s batteries, allowing it to land and take off immediately with no delay for recharging. Airobotics’s drones-in-a-box are already used at various sites in several countries, but this is the first time they have been used for citywide policing... (MORE -details)

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