Quantum entanglement between organisms

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The mutual exchange of internal information between organisms that are one and the same is a real phenomenon that occurs when an individual has attained a certain state of being.

A demon from another dimension may appear as a familiar person who behaves in a way that appears to be entangled with one's mind without knowing it. Their tone of voice and mannerisms may appear demonic and they won't even know it, but you will know it. This is because the universe is a hologram and information is the fundamental property of the universe. These demons still have to obey the laws of nature and the all-encompassing entity (God) that has the power to protect one from them. I am attempting to demonstrate this scientifically through my knowledge of Quantum mechanics. However I am not in a certain state of mind at the moment so this may fall short of its intended goal.

dybmh said: If it's real and true, it won't require a specific state of mind.Let us entertain that thought for a moment. Do you think that the "groundstate" of ordinary experience meets all the right conditions for interaction with a demon from another dimension? Including the appearance of a random world?

blü 2 said: Just to be clear, what test will tell me whether I've found a "demon from another dimension" or not? What's the determiner, the give-away?You can determine whether or not you are in a supernatural world through the experience of your spiritual state of being and its obvious Quantum nature that is so obvious to one in that state that it is rendered a potential threat of aggression from demonic forces that make themselves known through their tone and mannerisms while entangled with your mind.

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Whatever it is, if it requires a specific state of mind, it's subjective. Subjective means it's unreal and only true for that specific individual at that specific time.

“The only reality is mind and observations”


“The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment”

Ostronomos said: ]The mutual exchange of internal information between organisms that are one and the same is a real phenomenon that occurs when an individual has attained a certain state of being.

Quantum entanglement doesn't allow information transmission.

Holography, AdS/CFT correspondence, guage dualities, etc., all involve spaces equipped with certain topological, geometrical, and group-theoretical structures that are absent from quantum mechanics proper. Simply put, even generalizations of the infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces of standard quantum mechanics (including but not limited to the many-body representations in Fock spaces) are inadequate to capture how information may be encoded holographically in the universe. In fact, quantum mechanics isn't capable of dealing with spacetimes without drastic changes in its basic structure, equation, and interpretation. For example, in standard quantum mechanics time is parameterized (either by being absorbed into the observables in the Heisenberg representation or in terms of the dynamical wavefunction in the Schrödinger picture), while spatial information is encoded in the operators (again, either e.g., in the actual observables of relevant algebras in the case of the Heisenberg picture, or as operators acting on the wavefunction in the case of the Schrödinger picture). This asymmetry is fine most of the time, but is utterly inadequate for any attempt at a relativistic (let alone cosmological) description. As holographic dualities and other fancies are (or are supposed to be) kinds of spacetimes, here too such an asymmetry cannot be maintained.

Taken from: https://www.religiousforums.com/threads/...ms.243743/
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In other words, nothing real is involved, it all takes place in the imagination?
No. The excited state of the conscious mind is what is involved.
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I can certainly point to real aspects. But you seem to misunderstand the finer details. There is objective evidence of what I am describing. The very word "demon" implies that it is an objective reality. The form that a demon may take however may either be real or imaginary. Again, it strictly depends on the type or form of manifestation. The supernatural is certainly real and objective. And can be scientifically explained.

Quantum entanglement with demonic forces is not the only phenomenon that occurs in the excited state. The unseen cable that exists between a television network and the viewer may be intercepted by a conscious entity (demonic or divine) that distributes itself over reality at large.
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blü 2, post: 7104339, member: 62549 Wrote:[font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Only by what we might call orthodox means, as a result of physical transactions with that external world. There is not a single authenticated case of the "paranormal", for instance.[/font]

Incorrect. There are many people who have had spiritual experiences or have felt the greatness of God within them. For example, dreams have the ability to predict the future (short term, usually on an ongoing basis).

Obtaining a visual image of God is much much harder and can only be accomplished by a single person every few generations or so. I am that person.
Quote:The only way in which the 'spiritual', 'supernatural', 'immaterial' &c is known to exist is as concepts in or things imagined by a working brain. None has ever been shown to have objective existence.[/font][/size][/color]

Incorrect. They are indeed objective and real. There exists a reality that transcends the material world that an incredibly minimal few know of, through the endowment of their genes or a medium of some kind (the latter is a guess based on hearsay). Nevertheless, demonic forces and God, while not having a material appearance, are indeed real. And by all means can manifest themselves in the external world.

Quote:[font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Were that so, you could show me satisfactory videos, you could bring examples into the laboratory for examination and classification. Why has this not been done?[/font]

I can only speak from experience. These experiences cannot appear on command. All that you need to know is that there is a scientifically valid evidence to the claim that "reality is not what it appears to be in the material realm and God and demonic forces can be summoned under tight conditions from higher dimensions speaking from a purely scientific standpoint."

Quote:[font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Start with the videos.[/font]
Quote:[font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] There are simply zero authenticated cases of what you claim. And before there could be, there would have to be a satisfactory definition of eg 'demon' such that if we found a real candidate were could determine whether it was a demon or not. There's no such definition, any more than there are lab examples or even satisfactory videos.[/font]

I define 'demon' to be "a being who's mind is extremely negative with the single minded opposition to anything righteous including the G.O.D (Global Operator Definor)."
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blü 2, post: 7105418, member: 62549 Wrote:[font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]But as I said at the start, those are experiences purely internal to the brain. They do not represent transactions with the world external to the self. Otherwise we could verify them with videos or examine them, demonstrate their reality, in labs, as is the case with all real things.[/font]
blü 2, post: 7105418, member: 62549 Wrote:[font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] Then post the photo or at least the lab report. Demonstrate that this God exists external to your brain. Nothing so far suggests it does.[/font]

As I refuse to dignify any attempt to disqualify the fact of the reality of God with an answer I fail to see how repeating the same tired argument that God and demonic forces are not real as addressed in my previous post which you failed to notice (perhaps on purpose) is anything but a waste of time. My time is far too valuable to waste.

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