UK: 3rd of former COVID patients readmitted within 4 months + Climate alarmism in UK

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Almost one in seven suffers long COVID, UK study finds (UK community)

INTRO: Nearly one in seven Britons who tested positive for COVID-19 continued to have symptoms for at least 12 weeks, according to a UK study released Thursday. The Office for National Statistics said the study of over 20,000 people who had tested positive from April last year to March this year found 13.7 percent had symptoms that lasted for at least 12 weeks.

This was based on people's self-reported symptoms of so-called "long COVID". The list of 13 symptoms included fatigue, muscle pain and difficulty concentrating as well as loss of taste and smell.

Women were more more likely (14.7 percent) to report such long-lasting symptoms than men (12.7 percent). Those aged 35-49 were most likely to report symptoms at five weeks (25.6 percent)... (MORE - details)

Almost third of UK Covid hospital patients readmitted within four months (UK community)

EXCERPTS: Nearly a third of people who have been in hospital suffering from Covid-19 are readmitted for further treatment within four months of being discharged, and one in eight of patients dies in the same period, doctors have found. The striking long-term impact of the disease has prompted doctors to call for ongoing tests and monitoring of former coronavirus patients to detect early signs of organ damage and other complications caused by the virus.

While Covid is widely known to cause serious respiratory problems, the virus can also infect and damage other organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. [...] “This is a concern and we need to take it seriously,” said Dr Amitava Banerjee, at the Institute of Health Informatics at University College London. “We show conclusively here that this is very far from a benign illness...”

[...] Unexplained symptoms that persist for more than four months ... doctors are still working out patterns of long-term organ damage that can be caused by the infection. New diagnoses of respiratory and heart disease and diabetes were all raised in the former Covid patients compared with the control group, as were problems with the function of multiple organs... (MORE - details)

Climate alarmism is misleading the public (UK community)

INTRO: The British public has been subject to a consistent diet of climate alarmism for years. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that just 8.8 per cent of the general public are aware of the truth about so-called extreme-weather events: namely, that the number of people dying from such events has fallen by 95 per cent since the 1920s, as data from the OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database shows.

This revelation about public perception of climate change comes from new polling by Savanta, commissioned by my organisation, the Global Warming Policy Foundation. The polling certainly shredded a few of the green lobby’s favourite myths, including showing that the young are, in general, less worried than the old about climate change. In fact, one in four Brits is ‘not concerned’ about the climate, contrary to claims of complete consensus on the issue (or ‘crisis’, as greens call it).

But, as indicated above, the polling did show that 12 per cent of Brits thought extreme-weather deaths had increased by a massive 95 per cent, and that 42 per cent thought they had increased by a quarter. Why were they so mistaken?

In fact, in decades gone by, deaths from natural disasters and floods were in the millions. Now they are in the tens of thousands. In 1931, for example, an estimated three million people died due to flooding. In 2019, just 11,000 deaths were attributable to all natural disasters. But the huge progress we’ve made does not get mentioned in the numerous reports on the threat of extreme-weather events.

Take the terrible bushfires in Australia last year... (MORE)

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