Global Warming Hiatus

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EXCERPT: [...] Their paper starts with a humble title belying the incredible conclusions boldly permeating the article: Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus

[...] they seem to assume that the warming must continue, said warming must absolutely exceed the natural variations of climate else it be cooling, and therefore must without question be net positive at all times. How is it that a ‘climate scientist’, as opposed to any ACTUAL kind of scientist, doesn’t recognize that even in a climate warming process, flat or even negative periods of warming might exist?

Even IF models are right about warming, and they are clearly not, the climate models would have periods of less than average warming [...] But no, these amazing government-funded scientists have determined that we are in a hiatus of warming [...] these individuals make the bold claim that the thermometers are wrong. All of them.

[...] Even we rational thinking people (aka climate skeptics) are stuck with observation on which to base science. Despite my best efforts to the contrary, imagined corrections to data are not part of my engineering world. If temps warm, they warm, if they cool, they cool. TRUE scientists who seek actual truth as a goal rather than proof of a dogmatic and false claim, are stuck with such mundane things. That the climate world would accept such dogma is a symptom of the ongoing and wide-spread feelings-first illness in the progressive global climate science industry where friends always pass and non-believers are put out in the cold....

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