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(Nov 26, 2020 04:39 AM)Secular Sanity Wrote: Unbelievable!

You’ll never admit to being wrong.
More projection. 9_9

Quote:You even posted a quote and link that clearly shows you’re wrong. Try reading it.

(Nov 23, 2020 02:17 AM)Syne Wrote: "Fitness" in natural selection literally means physical fitness, both of genotype and phenotype.

No, it does not literally mean physical fitness.
How can you read "both of genotype and phenotype" and STILL not understand the usage of "physical fitness" there? How blathering dense do you have to be? O_o
Again, explain to all of us how genotype and phenotype survival are your little health and individual life-span straw man? Go ahead, try. You can't. You just latch onto one word/phrase and then you add in words not even implied to justify your bullshit.

Quote:See…that’s why I need an emoji. You’re a time-consuming little troll. I’m out. 
You lazy, biased, emotional, a petulant child, and willfully ignorant.
The only one trolling here is you, the one who keeps making up straw men out of whole cloth by adding words never even implied. And all because it's really you who can't admit to being wrong.

And as usual, all you can mange is to whine impotently and beg off.
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(Nov 26, 2020 04:14 AM)Syne Wrote: And even so, many older people would opt to trade the remainder of their lives for the joy of being with their families and grandchildren. Much like people given the option to live longer staying in a hospital preferring to die at home.

Speaking of:
A 90-Year-Old Woman Killed Herself To Avoid Another COVID-19 Lockdown. She’s Not Alone
In a tragic irony, the prospect of another 'life-saving' lockdown has drained some senior citizens of their will to live. Assisted suicides and depression are up.
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A 3 post limit on arguing with Syne will generally prevent you from falling into the Syneswamp.

Grandma Wrote:They sent me to this place for unwanted old people and now they aren't even going to come and see me.
Child Wrote:Perfectissimo.
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(Nov 26, 2020 01:56 PM)confused2 Wrote: A 3 post limit on arguing with Syne will generally prevent you from falling into the Syneswamp.

IOW, C2 has realized that his beliefs cannot withstand scrutiny and is now quelling the cognitive dissonance invoked by data he cannot reconcile with those beliefs.

The hypocrisy of people just as immovable on their positions as anyone else is apparently completely lost on them. 9_9

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