These luxury cruise ships are being sold for scrap metal (pandemic casualty stats)

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INTRO: From afar, the cruise ships in these photos [video below] almost look like toys, perhaps LEGO models being taken apart for new creations. But these are not toys; they’re real cruise ships. They’re being broken down for scrap metal as yet another casualty of the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has docked ships across the globe. With the global coronavirus pandemic pushing the multi-billion dollar cruise industry into crisis, some cruise operators have been forced to cut losses and retire ships earlier than planned.

As many of you probably know, it wasn’t always like this for cruise ships. Life pre-coronavirus, which seems like ages ago, painted a picture of a very vibrant industry (even though it’s actually rotten to its core.) According to CNN, the cruise industry had 30 million passengers in 2019. It was a $150 billion industry that employed 1.2 million people. This rosy tale of success came to a screeching halt when the coronavirus started appearing on ships and spread like wildfire.

The cruise industry has been one of the hardest hit industries with public confidence in cruise holidays plummeting after a series of outbreaks occurred on cruise liners as the pandemic spread... (MORE)

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