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Hostile architecture

C C Offline
What should be added is the label of "selfish design" for door locks, protected windows, alarms and security systems, etc. Since these hinder the sharing of property items and belongings as well as obstruct the long-sought after abolishment of such personal ownership (that most fundamental of capitalist evils).

Needless to say, hostile architecture is a barbarity to eliminate or still keep a watchful eye out for in west coast, Great Lake, mile-high, and northeast cities of the US. So as to ensure that public spaces and business/retail grounds are welcoming places for defecation, shooting up narcotics, mendicancy, sleep binges, gang youth club loitering, drug dealing, looting, and littering. That includes administrative, sports, and educational land/structures and churches/temples/mosques. (Forget about lecturing those white savages and minority traitors residing in flyover country about the benefits of ideological enlightenment -- their rehabilitation will have to wait for the utopian days that follow the Revolution.)

Hostile Architecture

INTRO: Hostile architecture is an urban-design strategy that uses elements of the built environment to purposefully guide or restrict behaviour in order to prevent crime and maintain order. It often targets people who use or rely on public space more than others, such as youth and the homeless, by restricting the physical behaviours in which they can engage. Also known as defensive architecture, hostile design, unpleasant design, exclusionary design, and defensive urban design, the term hostile architecture is often associated with "anti-homeless spikes" – studs embedded in flat surfaces to make sleeping on them uncomfortable and impractical. Other measures include sloped window sills to stop people sitting; benches with armrests positioned to stop people lying on them, and water sprinklers that "intermittently come on but aren't really watering anything." Hostile architecture is also employed to deter skateboarding, littering, loitering, and public urination.... (MORE)

15 Examples of 'Anti-Homeless' Hostile Architecture That You Probably Never Noticed Before

INTRO: Recent years have seen a movement of people documenting and criticizing what they call hostile design, hostile architecture or defensive design. This refers to design features implemented into city and town planning which were created specifically to deter homeless people from finding somewhere to sleep. It's one of those things that once it's pointed out, you start seeing it everywhere. Here are just a few of the most common examples of hostile design to look out for in your city... (MORE)
Magical Realist Offline
That kind of anti-human element to city architecture doesn't really stand out to we of the home-owning ilk. Next time I'm strolling in the downtown area I will put myself in the frame of mind of the homeless looking for a place to bed down. I'm sure I will notice many elements of sadistic engineering.
Syne Offline
So it's sadistic to not want all public spaces, including business areas that rely on being inviting to paying customers, to be encampments for the mentally ill and often drug addicts?
Zinjanthropos Offline
Should use this tech to build homes that make it more difficult to break into. There’s always the possibility that a home owner might fall victim to any of a homes anti theft devices if they intended to injure I suppose but perhaps there’s ways to actually build a house that is tougher to gain access to.

Moats worked pretty good for castles from what I understand. Spiked window frames, sills or anything that might draw blood from an intruder. Nothing like leaving DNA at the scene. Although some architecture might result in felony charges against the owner with potential lawsuits. Need a homeless person to sue a city for injury resulting from hostile architecture. Just can’t  hurt the perps.

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