Information and consciousness

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It's interesting that all the things and memories recorded by our brains are information. These information are not real, but objectively describe the real past, not the real past

For example, I touched a mattress with my hand, which is [soft]. This touch is a real sense at the moment, but [soft] is information in my mind, just to describe the information that has just happened, both [past information]

Many people don't quite understand that what happens directly to us is the present, how can it be the past and information

However, the fact is true. The senses we touch are real feelings, but the feelings spread to our brains are information, which is delayed and belongs to the information that has already happened and become the past. To some extent, we can distinguish the present feelings and information dissemination, and feel the external stimulus from the nervous system after physical contact, and spread the information of this stimulating feeling to the brain. That is, the nerves of our hands come into contact with the mattress, but they come to our brains to make us feel that [soft] is the information of the past that has happened

This includes the nerve feelings of limbs and skin, as well as what our eyes see, etc. For example, we see a bird in our eyes, and the concept of bird is formed when the information of bird spreads to our brains

Strangely, if people feel the information produced by the world and enter the brain through the senses and nervous system, what is human consciousness? How did it come into being?

[Eyes] saw the mattress, and this information spread to [Brain]. The brain retrieved the memory [once stored information] and identified the mattress and many indirect information about the mattress [including the information of feeling after touching the mattress]. The brain gave instructions to let the hand touch the mattress, and the nervous system of the hand felt the mattress, and the feeling information spread to the brain, which felt the soft information or called the information once stored in the brain.

So what role does consciousness play in this process? Does consciousness spread information to the brain, or does consciousness decide what to do? Or does consciousness decide which memories to mobilize? unknown

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