Researchers create a tiny robotic camera backpack for insects (bug hobbies)

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INTRO: In the movie "Ant-Man," the title character can shrink in size and travel by soaring on the back of an insect. Now researchers at the University of Washington have developed a tiny wireless steerable camera that can also ride aboard an insect, giving everyone a chance to see an Ant-Man view of the world. The camera, which streams video to a smartphone at 1 to 5 frames per second, sits on a mechanical arm that can pivot 60 degrees. This allows a viewer to capture a high-resolution, panoramic shot or track a moving object while expending a minimal amount of energy. To demonstrate the versatility of this system, which weighs about 250 milligrams -- about one-tenth the weight of a playing card -- the team mounted it on top of live beetles and insect-sized robots. The results will be published July 15 in Science Robotics. (MORE)
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I've heard that there have been military experiments in which tiny electrodes are implanted in insects' tiny brains, allowing the insects to be made to fly left, right etc. The idea is to put tiny cameras, microphones and other sensors on them and use them as tiny little intelligence gathering aircraft. Imagine sending a little remote control fly into a room with a tiny camera and microphone on it. The people in the room talking probably wouldn't even notice.

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