Chinese pterodactyl wings its way to the UK (flying reptile hobbies)

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EXCERPT: . . . this was no ordinary pterodactyl jaw. This one lacked teeth and was remarkably similar to a bizarre group of pterosaurs called ‘tapejarids’. They are better known from China and Brazil and have never previously been found in the UK.

Just last year a team from the University of Portsmouth discovered as similar specimen in North Africa (Morocco) which they named Afrotapejara. The new specimen from the Isle of Wight has been named Wightia declivirostris.

Megan Jacobs said: “Although only a fragment of jaw, it has all the characteristic of a tapejarid jaw, including numerous tiny little holes that held minute sensory organs for detecting their food, and a downturned, finely pointed beak. Complete examples from Brazil and China show that they had large head crests, with the crest sometime being twice as big as the skull. The crests were probably used in sexual display and may have been brightly colored.” (MORE - details)

[Image: Chinese-pterodactyl-wings-its-way-to-the...96x501.jpg]

[Image: Chinese-pterodactyl-wings-its-way-to-the...96x501.jpg]


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