Gaslighted: outspoken doctor reaches final stage of psychological abuse by system

Doctor who spoke out about PPE shortage beaten, arrested, & sent to mental hospital

EXCERPT: Dr Sudhakar Rao, an anaesthetist with 20 years of experience, made national headlines over the weekend for the second time in two months. A series of videos that went viral show him and police facing off on a highway in the southern city of Visakhapatnam, where Dr Rao lives and works. Authorities say he was sent to a mental hospital after.

The news follows reports of Indian doctors facing a backlash after speaking out about [COVID-19] shortages of protective gear or lack of preparation in hospitals. ... The government ordered an inquiry [...after Rao voiced concerns...] and suspended Dr Rao. By going public instead of filing a formal complaint, officials said, he had damaged the morale of other health care workers. Days later, Dr Rao ... apologised and asked for his suspension to be cancelled. The government did not respond.

Dr Rao and his family allege that he has been harassed ever since speaking out [...] "People are threatening me over the phone for the past few days," Dr Rao said on Saturday. His mother, Kaveri Rao, told BBC Telugu he had no mental health issues. "He is a reputed doctor," she said. "But he has been facing abuse since the day he raised those concerns. I feel bad when people call me and ask about him. He has been very stressed for weeks."

[...] Police say they responded to a report of a drunken man behaving erratically on the highway. ... officers didn't know it was Dr Rao until they arrived at the scene. Police say he tried to remove a barricade on the road and flung a liquor bottle onto the street. They also alleged that it was passers-by who restrained him by tying up his hands with rope before the police got there. [...] The only video of Dr Rao being restrained shows a policeman tying his hands with help of a civilian.

"He behaved rudely with the police. He snatched the mobile phone from a constable and threw it away," Police Commissioner RK Meena told reporters. "He is apparently suffering from psychological problems."

He added that Dr Rao had first been taken to a police station, and later admitted to a hospital for a basic examination. Doctors there advised that he should be moved to a mental institution. (MORE - details)

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