Little Things that Piss You Off

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Some stuff frustrates me no end. Little things that piss me off. Like the other day my wife & I drive into town to grab a coffee/tea at local McDonalds. They have a good deal for older folks, $2.09 for drink and a muffin. That’s my order. Go thru drive thru and we decide to drive home along the Niagara River Parkway and stop at one of the many tourist lookout areas to have our snack. So we pull over and I’m really looking forward to the blueberry muffin I ordered but it isn’t in the bag. I’m too far away to go back but I’m pissed off enough to phone them and voice my displeasure. Guy answered, took my name and said to mention it next time thru. Pissed off at myself also for not checking contents of bag before leaving drive thru window. Very frustrating to go through take out, drive off to a place to consume it and then find the order screwed up. 

I will say this though....McDonalds knows how to fix it right.  Yesterday we went in again, ordered same thing, dropped my name and the that of the guy who answered my phone call, got to the pay window and a supervisor there told me my entire order was on the house. Supervisor said they were waiting for me so they could take care of the mistake. That’s how you do it if you’re in food business.

What little things piss you off?
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Although the intensification of shopping via internet may mitigate such these days, I hate how superstores move the usual location of items around in response to holidays and sometimes for no clear reason at all. Difficult enough for those challenged with a lifetime of spatial navigation impairment to first wander a vast labyrinth to find goods that are placed in aisles or category areas where one wouldn't expect them to be, without the irregular flux of changes.

BLOGGER: "After moving to this area, probably the most horrifying adjustment was no longer having access to elite retail establishments. Here one must mingle with the cattle herd of mundane consumers in their discount emporiums, and be greeted by smiling and courteous staff. Absolutely hideous. The luxury stores back home prided themselves in understanding that the ruder and snobbish the shop's personnel, the better for sales."
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Forgot about this one until this morning when I tried to dial up my local pharmacy for a prescription refill. Our area code is 905 and I start pushing buttons. Next thing I know is my phone is dialling long distance to California area code 909. The phone automatically put a 1 in front of the 909 I just accidentally dialed. I didn’t get a chance to hang up and my call went to a voicemail where I hope I didn’t wake the recipient up because of the time differential. I’ll probably be charged for that call even though I never dialled the #1 for long distance. Why don’t they warn you it is a long distance call instead of placing a 1 in front of the number dialled? Don’t think I should have to pay for a number I never dialled.

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