(UK) Ethical veganism declared protected philosophical belief at tribunal

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EXCERPT: An ethical vegan who alleges he was sacked because of his views on animal products has won a landmark case at an employment tribunal. A judge has ruled that ethical veganism is a philosophical belief and should receive similar legal protections to religion in British workplaces. Jordi Casamitjana, 55, says he was dismissed by the League Against Cruel Sports because of his beliefs.

Dietary vegans and ethical vegans both eat a plant-based diet, but ethical vegans also avoid wearing clothing made of wool or leather and refrain from using products tested on animals. [...] For a belief to be protected under the Equality Act 2010, it must meet a series of tests - including being worthy of respect in a democratic society, not being incompatible with human dignity and not conflicting with fundamental rights of others.

[...] Speaking outside of court, Mr Casamitjana said: "It was very important to win this ruling today ... It will help the promotion of veganism as a lifestyle because vegans who might be afraid about talking about their belief, that might be feeling that they are not welcome, they will feel empowered now. They will believe that their belief is now a protected belief... That will give them power and that means they will be more expressive."

[...] This hearing is not primarily about his dismissal, but about establishing ethical veganism as a philosophical belief. A second hearing will be about his dismissal. Rhys Wyborn [...] who acted for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Although an interesting point of law, this hearing was preparation for the real crux of the matter: why Jordi Casamitjana was dismissed. ... The League is now looking ahead to the substantive hearing in this case and to addressing the reason for Mr Casamitjana's dismissal, which it maintains was due to his misconduct and not the belief he holds." (MORE)
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Quote:the League Against Cruel Sports

Wha???? I guess I don't go there for the latest Buzkashi results.  Wink

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