Did God create the universe? (etc)


EXCERPT (Ethan Siegal): . . . If you're asking a question whose answer is both knowable and very well known from a scientific perspective, that's absolutely the worst intellectual place to argue for the existence of a deity who actively intervenes in our Universe. That's, unfortunately, where many religions go awry, using dogma where scientific investigation is necessary.

[...] However, there are questions that we are very much capable of asking that we can be quite confident fall outside the realm of science. When we ask questions about how we should live, how to treat one another, why we exist, or anything to do with our cosmic purpose, science appears to be ill-equipped to provide comprehensive, unambiguous answers. We can ask questions that science has no answer for. As I wrote back at the start of 2018: "Religion is for anyone who wants it in their life, and science is as well. They are neither fundamentally incompatible, nor are they mutually exclusive. Knowledge, education, self-improvement, and the bettering of our shared world are endeavors that are open to everyone."

[...] Science cannot prove the existence of God, but it cannot disprove God either; it can only disprove the notion of a specific, poorly conceived God. If you claim that your God lives in the clouds, you can disprove that God by simply observing the clouds. If you claim that God lives in our Universe, you can disprove that God by observing the entire Universe. But if your God exists in an extra dimension, before cosmic inflation, or outside of space and time altogether, neither proof nor disproof is possible... (MORE)

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