Poker strategy with Ryan Laplante: The new poker metagame


EXCERPT: The poker meta has evolved a lot over the years, as wider access to better information about the game has slowly changed how most people approach their decisions. For those of you who don’t know, metagame is defined as any aspect of strategy that involves thinking about what your opponent is thinking that you are thinking. Got it? Take a moment to re-read that and let it really sink in.

Basically, metagame is the general strategies players use, the adjustments they make against each other, and how that dictates overall play. Poker legends like Doyle Brunson and Dan Harrington, as well as many other authors, were responsible for major shifts in the poker meta and the information available to most players. [...] Even poker on television, with tournaments like the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour broadcast to homes around the world, gave the average person insight into the minds of the game’s top pros, thereby shifting the meta...

[...] Frankly, it has been astonishing to see the incredible amount of new information now available and how the metagame is changing. Of course, I’m talking mostly about the advancements made with Game Theory Optimal (GTO) solvers ... with the launch of these programs for the public, learning how to approach the game with GTO strategies has become easily accessible for anyone serious about studying and playing the game at a high level. Unfortunately, both of these programs are extremely expensive, and have incredibly steep learning curves. ... That being said, modern training sites can give you indirect access to the information that has been gained from these programs...

[...] Now that you understand the history of the poker metagame, where it currently stands, and how to get that information yourself, I will explain a few of the most common types of meta that are widely used today in tournaments.... (MORE)

COVERED: 1. Small Continuation Bet Sizings ... 2. Larger Preflop Opens ... 3. Open Limping ... 4. Larger Three-Bet Sizings ... 5. Defending Your Blinds

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