Attention Schema Theory of Consciousness

This kind of thing plays out in every "Do animals have feeelings?" discussion.
Let us share a moment with Syne and his dog.
Syne>"Tell daddy what you think empathy is.".
Syne>"Well I guess that proves you don't know what empathy is.".
Likewise altruism, 'love', 'family', affection, devotion and so on.
C2 seems to have missed where I'm the one saying animals have a similarity to people...and MR saying otehrwise.
Well, can't account for poor reading comprehension.
Syne, you were thrust onto the stage in your capacity as a representative of 'Everyman' - in context a representative of 'Everyman' that shares their life with a dog (or any other animal) that can't talk.  In the absence of a common language we are left to interpret what we see, what we think we see and what we think we know.

If you can prove animals have a similarity to people (I assume you mean a significant similarity) then please take the stage again.
No one implied your straw man that anyone could prove a "significant" similarity. And this straw man seems to be you weaseling your way out of your previous misconstrual of who was making which argument. Shame on you.
I will admit the possibility of some overlap (confusion) with "Consciousness does not depend on language.". That aside your qualification for the role of Straw Syne was that you have a dog (at least I think you do) and you aren't SS (not making that mistake again). Your previous convictions weren't taken into account.

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