If you see this fish flopping through your property, kill it (invaded communities)


SUMMARY POINTS: A northern snakehead fish, a predator with razor sharp teeth that can travel on land, was caught by an angler in Georgia on Wednesday. The fish is an invasive species that can out-compete native wildlife, and officials are advising residents that come across a snakehead fish to "kill it immediately."

The northern snakehead fish has reportedly been found in 15 US states, according to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, though they are native to waters in Asia and Africa.

Snakehead fish can grow up to three feet long and breathe air, allowing the fish to survive on land and travel by tossing its body side-to-side — an equivalent to walking — according to National Geographic.

The fish were at one point cultured in Arkansas until a federal ban was established in 2002, making it illegal to import, transport, sell, transfer, or possess any species of snakehead fish, of which there are 29 known varieties. (MORE - details)


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