UFO Buddhist aliens at a religious site + China destroys dozens of Uighur cemeteries

Thai group claims alien visitors at a religious site on a secluded hilltop: The mystery behind UFOs has attracted several theories and stories. The latest one claims that UFO-seekers are heading to a small hilltop with a Buddha statue in central Thailand ... it is believed that aliens fly over this huge Buddha statue and send telepathic messages. They might even be walking around the surrounding fields. The report went on to claim that they are using a crocodile-infested lake as their portal to transport from one planet to other. [...] It is claimed that this place is located just three hours north of Bangkok ... a small group of individuals has reported that the messages from these UFOs contain "plenty of traditional religious teachings." And they believe that these extra-terrestrial beings are probably Buddhists. (MORE)

The UFO seekers flocking to a remote Thai hilltop in search of Buddhist aliens: . . . Most alien encounters are reported near the family's home, on the outskirts of Nakhon Sawan at Khao Kala hill amid sugarcane fields and Bueng Boraphet Lake, which villagers warn is crocodile infested. The aliens are described as slender, little, silvery humanoids. Illustrations depict them standing upright on two legs with two arms and a bulbous bald head with a pointy face topped with a single antenna. Huge, glossy, almond-shaped black eyes gaze above a thin nose and miniature mouth. Believers say silvery spaceships appear festooned with colorful lights or resemble the domed, circular, retro-UFOs seen in low-budget 1950s movies.

[...] When asked about Thais seeing UFOs and communicating with aliens, Buddhist scholar Veeranut Rojanaprapa, who has a PhD in philosophy and religion from St. John's University in Bangkok, tells CNN Travel: "We don't need to know if it is real or not, if it's a fake story or it's reality. ... it is not useful. It doesn't matter if he hears the alien or not. It does not help us for [experiencing] nirvana," says Veeranut. "We do not say if it is right or wrong if the human can speak to the alien. But please listen carefully: most of the situations are only illusion." (MORE - images)

China ‘building cark parks and playgrounds’ over Uighur Muslim graveyards: Satellite images analysed by Earthwise Alliance and published on Wednesday showed flattened earth, new car parks or standardised facilities in places that once housed the remains of Uighur families going back generations. It comes as the allegations against China of persecution towards the Uighur people became a key aspect of the ongoing trade war between the US and Beijing. Late on Tuesday, the US State Department announced travel bans directed at Chinese officials over the Xinjiang crackdown, saying it would not issue any visas for those known to be involved in what Mike Pompeo called the “campaign of repression”. (MORE)

China destroys dozens of Uighur cemeteries in drive to 'eradicate' cultural history of Muslims: Even in death there is no respite for the Uighurs, one of the world's most persecuted minorities, according to a new investigation that has revealed China is destroying burial grounds where generations of families have been interred. Over the past two years, tombs have been smashed and human bones scattered in dozens of desecrated cemeteries in China’s northwest region, research by Agence France Presse and satellite imagery analysts Earthrise Alliance has revealed.

While the official explanation for the policy is urban development or the “standardisation” of old graves, overseas Uighurs say the destruction is part of the state’s concerted effort to eradicate their ethnic identity and control every aspect of their lives. "This is all part of China's campaign to effectively eradicate any evidence of who we are, to effectively make us like the Han Chinese," said Salih Hudayar, who said the graveyard where his great-grandparents were buried was demolished.

"That's why they're destroying all of these historical sites, these cemeteries, to disconnect us from our history, from our fathers and our ancestors," he said. An estimated one million mostly Muslim ethnic minorities have been rounded up into re-education camps in Xinjiang in the name of combatting religious extremism and separatism.

Former detainees interviewed by The Telegraph have recounted horrific torture, being forced to memorise Chinese Communist Party propaganda, and to renounce Islam. Those who are free are intimidated by suffocating surveillance and restrictions, including bans on beards and veils.ritically acclaimed animator. He directed “Sanjay’s Super Team,” which was nominated for an Oscar for best animated short film, and has worked on Pixar films including “Monsters, Inc.” and “Cars.” (MORE)
China's Xi warns attempts to divide China will end in 'shattered bones'

EXCERPT: Chinese President Xi Jinping warned on Sunday that any attempt to divide China will be crushed, as Beijing faces political challenges in months-long protests in Hong Kong and U.S. criticism over its treatment of Muslim minority groups. “Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones,” he told Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in a meeting on Sunday, according to China’s state broadcaster CCTV. “And any external forces backing such attempts dividing China will be deemed by the Chinese people as pipe-dreaming!” he was quoted as saying.

Xi, the first Chinese president to visit Nepal in 22 years, arrived in Nepal on Saturday on a state visit. Both sides are expected to sign a deal expanding a railway link between the Himalayan nation and Tibet. Nepal’s Oli told Xi that the country will oppose any “anti-China activities” on its soil, CCTV reported.

[...] Washington last week also blacklisted 28 Chinese companies over Beijing’s treatment of predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities. China has faced growing international condemnation for what it calls re-education and training centres in the remote western region of Xinjiang. Activists say they are mass detention camps holding more than 1 million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims.

Before arriving in Nepal, Xi was in India for talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to try to mend ties over the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir amid scattered anti-China protests from Tibetan groups. China sent troops into remote, mountainous Tibet in 1950 in what it officially terms a peaceful liberation and has ruled there with an iron fist ever since. The Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader, fled to India in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule. China brands him a dangerous reactionary who seeks to split off nearly a quarter of the Chinese land mass.

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