Every 2nd female homicide done by partner + 12 autistic children from 1 sperm donor

More than every second female homicide is committed by the partner (forensic biology/science)

EXCERPT: Out of the 536 women who were killed from 1992-2016 in Denmark, 300 were killed by their partner. This figure corresponds to 57 per cent of all homicides with female victims.

This is shown by a survey carried out by The Department of Forensic Medicine at Aarhus University, Denmark. As part of his Ph.D. dissertation, forensic pathologist Asser Hedegård Thomsen from the department has reviewed all Danish homicide cases in the period 1992 to 2016—a total of 1,417 homicides. The study has just been published in the international scientific journal Forensic Science International: Synergy.

[...] "Gang-related homicides takes up a lot of space in the media and on the political agenda, and of course they're also serious, but compared to intimate partner homicides they actually account for a very small part of the total," he says. [...] After intimate partner homicide, the typical homicide happens in nightlife and as a rule under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Here the majority of victims are men, he says. [...]

Men are also killed by a partner. During the twenty-five years in question, 79 men were killed by their partner. However, the research project from Aarhus University shows that the homicides often took place after prior threats and violence against the woman. This knowledge is also supported by international studies. "You can read about it in the police reports, but it can also be observed from the forensic medicine examinations that clearly show the injuries to the women," says Asser Hedegård Thomsen.

[...] According to Asser Hedegård Thomsen, family is one of the most dangerous groups to be involved in—viewed from a forensic medicine perspective. One in four homicides in Denmark are carried out by the partner, and women are the primary victims. Asser Hedegård Thomsen's study documents that more than two-thirds of the homicide victims are the woman in the family. Despite there being fewer homicides in Europe, homicides within the family constitute an increasing proportion of the statistics. They are not declining as steadily as the crime-related homicides. (MORE)

12 children with autism were conceived from one donor's sperm. Is there an 'Autism Gene'?

EXCERPT: A single sperm donor is the biological father of at least 12 children who all developed autism — an extraordinary case that prompted one woman to sue her sperm bank, according to news reports. [...] the likelihood of all these related children having autism by chance was like all the mothers "opening up a dictionary and pointing to the same letter of the same word on the same page at the same time," she told the Post.

That means a mutation in the donor's sperm was likely responsible. But is there a single "autism gene?" In short, no: There are hundreds of genetic variations tied to autism spectrum disorder, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In most cases, these mutations increase a person's risk of autism, but they don't destine someone to develop the condition. In other words, genes typically play only a partial role in the risk of developing autism, with environmental factors, such as the parents' ages and birth complications, contributing as well.

But in rare cases, genetic mutations are thought to be the main cause of autism. Only about 2% to 4% of people with autism have these mutations, according to the NIH. (MORE)
Is there a gene that drives maternal/paternal procreative instincts and another that inhibits/prevents conception? If so, should anyone else be named in the lawsuit?

Wouldn't it be something if there is an autism gene and it's gender specific . I see this case getting tossed but never know. However you would think that after a couple cases the sperm bank might have carried out a little spermicide. Can a sperm bank legally kill the little genetic bundle swimmer?
(Sep 17, 2019 02:00 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: . . . However you would think that after a couple cases the sperm bank might have carried out a little spermicide. Can a sperm bank legally kill the little genetic bundle swimmer?

Good question leading into deeper territory. I don't know if they even bother to check what's transpiring with their clients' results over the years. Or more to the point, if they keep those results grouped in the same set with respect to clients who used the same donor sperm, so that they can be compared in terms of outcome by a company itself. That the clients are spread out over multiple companies would seem to especially make that difficult.

How Rizzo discovered the other mothers sharing the same sperm sounds more like work on her part than the companies directly keeping them categorized together.

"A quick online search for the donor’s profile showed that sperm from a man matching his description was still being sold by at least four companies. She called them all, asking for information about his medical history — and to inform them of the autism cluster — but she says the representatives she reached told her she didn’t have any “evidence” that his sperm was responsible for the autism cases." --The children of Donor H898

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