Stay in a hotel that hangs 1,982 feet over a cliff


EXCERPT: If swimming in a glass-bottomed pool 1,982 feet above a cliff sounds like your idea of a good time, consider checking in to the new extreme boutique hotel concept from Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio when it opens. [...] Consisting of just nine guest rooms and a lounge, the proposed hotel would offer a thrill-seeking stay unlike any other, with each room looking out into the abyss. (MORE)

[...] Hayri Atak’s Cliff Concept Hotel is designed to be built into Norway’s famous cliff Preikestolen. With its entrance on its rooftop, as well as a stretched terrace and hanging glass pool on its bottom floor, the design and user experience of the hotel are unconventional and unique. (MORE)

[Image: IMG_4186-30-07-19-07-55.JPG]
It looks intriguing, but from afar. Big Grin I started rock climbing in gyms to get past my fear of heights, and vertigo. I'm not sure I'd ever be ''ready'' for a hotel hanging over a cliff.

It reminds me of this...a bar in the sky. (no thanks) lol

[Image: x2PBeJz.jpg]
Love the idea. Seen the swimming pool. No. No. No. Not me in that pool. Spooked out just looking at it.

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