Please, tell me how you make tuna salad?

For the life of me, I can’t make a decent tuna salad. I add celery, sucks. I use Hellmann’s mayo, sucks. I try different mayo, sucks. I try different brands of tuna, sucks. Just never tastes like the version I buy from this local sandwich shop. Dodgy I’d like it to have a patte texture.

What is the secret?! Undecided  I must know. Does anyone rave over your tuna salad? If so, please share your recipe!!
You using tuna in water or oil?

Instead of celery, try pickle and onion.
I use StarKist in water with celery, pickles, tomatoes, and lots of mayo.
(Jul 12, 2019 03:04 AM)Syne Wrote: You using tuna in water or oil?
In water, usually. I normally like Bumblebee tuna, but it's dry or something as compared to the texture of this one sandwich shop I like. So, they must be using a different brand. What brand are you using?

Quote:Instead of celery, try pickle and onion.
Pickle?? Hmm. I hadn't ever considered that. I'll try it. [/quote]
Tuna in oil isn't nearly as dry, even once you strain it. Makes a difference.
What kind of mayo do you use?
Some people prefer Miracle Whip, but any mayo works for me...well, maybe not lite mayo.
Ew, Miracle Whip. 

I'll stick with hellman's then.

@ SS, I don't really like Starkist. I want to like it but, something about it...
(Jul 12, 2019 08:37 AM)Magical Realist Wrote:

According to that video, I'm doing it all wrong. lol

I don't strain it like that, and I don't add that much mayo. 1 cup seems like a lot, but that is what might make it smooth and creamy. Hmm.

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