Middle eastern dishes

So, I'm part Iranian/Syrian, and have been trying to improve my cooking skills when it comes to middle eastern cuisine. Some dishes are super simple, others are challenging, like shwarma and falafel.  Dodgy

Our of laziness, I tend to buy prepared dishes at a local middle eastern market, and frankly? I can't see myself being able to duplicate these recipes, because much of middle eastern cooking comes down to the perfect blend of unique spices. And I tend to either under or over spice my dishes. But, I'm gonna keep trying.

I make a salad that is common in Iran and other parts of the middle east:

You'll need:

2 cucumbers
mint leaves
fresh basil
red onions
a pinch of saffron
fresh tomatoes
fresh pita bread (best to buy unleavened)
feta cheese
olive oil, wine vinegar as dressing

*Simply chop up all of the ingredients, and place in salad bowl. Mix spices and dressing together, and toss. I toast the pita bread, and crumble it up over the salad, but if you don't want the carbs, just abstain from adding the pita bread.

It's so good, and simple. 

Please feel free to add your own middle eastern recipes.  
Ahhh, fatteh! That looks soooo good, MR! I'm going to try making it. Tahini is the best Smile
Visited the middle eastern market this evening, and bought Lahme Bi Ajeen (aka ''meat pizza'') They were literally....perfect.  Smile

Maybe one of these rainy days, I'll make these:

That looks SO good Leigha!
They are delish, MR!

Not all Middle Eastern food is high carb though lol Confused  I indulge sparingly when it comes to some of these dishes.
(Jul 21, 2019 09:16 PM)Magical Realist Wrote: This one looks delicious too. Are you familiar with it? It's called Mejadara.


Ah, I don't like lentils. Blush Otherwise, I'd say that looks delicious. lol

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