Watching porn linked to higher unethical behavior at work


EXCERPT: . . . Researchers back critics who believe watching porn can negatively influence people. A new study, published in the Journal of Business Ethics, suggests that employees who view pornography during work hours can harm the company.

For business leaders, the act of watching any kind of content at work is a problem. It costs companies millions of dollars in wasted time. But the study focused on how employees interact in the workplace. Researchers said that pornography consumption could increase unethical behavior.

[...] The team said porn was ... associated to a 163 percent increase in shirking work and lying. Porn also encouraged some participants to view others as objects or less than human, which contributed to unethical behavior at work. The researchers said that porn consumption may increase the incidence of sexual harassment or hostile work environments in the workplace. (MORE - details)
As is customary these days, a massive amount of click bait is attached to the article that relates to sex. I suppose if one clicked on one at work then that is less unethical than watching porn during business hours. Who decides if behaviour is less or more unethical, should there even be a range?

Are cell phones and unlimited data plans making company computers less attractive for porn watchers? Can’t recall if anyone where I worked ever watched porn on company computers, or cell phones for that matter. Probably need to combine porn with stupidity in order to watch it at work.

I remember one guy who had pin up pics of daily Newspaper Girls in his cubicle, eventually he was told to take them down when someone protested. He complied without much fanfare but all that seems tame compared to today I guess.
(Jun 27, 2019 12:07 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: Who decides if behaviour is less or more unethical, should there even be a range?

There certainly doesn't seem to be any consistency or universality in declaring something "harmful", to serve as a steering mechanism for morality. As either individuals or groups, we champion that a particular "harm" needs to be remedied that is of concern to us, while engaging ourselves in countless other kinds of "harm" in different contexts (or at times even not so different). Same with government: "Something has been incrementally done to suppress the appeal of cigarettes over the last five decades. Addiction is bad. But pot is a huge money-maker, job-maker, and taxable commodity if legalized."
That's an interesting study, especially the fact that they are linking porn viewing at work (and maybe in general) with ''dehumanizing'' others, which transitioned to looking at others (coworkers) as objects instead of individuals.

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