12 over-the-top sundaes you'll want to try on summer trip across the country?


INTRO: Summer is a time to treat yourself. And what better way than to do so with a big, beautiful, ice cream sundae? Here are 12 over-the-top, indulgent, ice cream sundaes found at restaurants all over the country! (MORE - details, images)

INCLUDED: 1) The Vermonster, 2) Messy Sundae, 3) The Chicago Sundae, 4) Candy Kong Sundae, 5) Trophy Sundae, 6) TX Sundae Where, 7) Tableside Fire & Ice Banana Split, 8) Mile High Pie Sundae, 9) Topsy Sundae, 10) La Bomba, 11) Make a Wish Sundae, 12) Downside Watson

[Image: 960x0.jpg?fit=scale]

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