How Demonizing "Whiteness" Spreads White Nationalism


Bret Samuel Weinstein (born February 1969) is an American biologist and evolutionary theorist.
Weinstein describes himself as a political progressive and "left-libertarian".

This would be a good example of leftists both falling victim to their own hysteria and projective identification, should their projection of identitarian politics actually incite an opposing identitarian movement. I wouldn't be surprised if MR didn't come along shortly to demonstrate this exact projection.
It isn't rocket science Syne.

The more that the left focuses on building up their electoral coalition by shamelessly promoting hugely divisive non-white identity-politics, the more that whites will practice corresponding identity politics of their own.

It's probably one of the bigger reasons why Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

I would much prefer that we all identify as "Americans" regardless of the color of our skins or where our ancestors came from. But in order for that to work, what we share in common has to be more important than what divides us. We need to share a critical mass of language, values and general cultural presuppositions that make us one people rather than many. The left's constantly promoting identity politics in exchange for minority block-voting, always pushing a sense of grievance rather than a sense of belonging, is precisely the wrong way to achieve unity.

Ultimately, following this path will destroy any unity this country once had and stoke the very "racism" that it purports to oppose. If there is no more "American" identity, no more common core of attitudes and values that we all share in common, if what everyone else is told to do instead is to identify with their own "race" in opposition to everyone else, then... well, whites are going to do the exact same thing. What other choice will they have?
I didn't say it was complicated...just posting something that echoed my own sentiment.

I agree, that it would be better that we all came together as Americans, but the left has spent years convincing people that America is not good, much less a unifying ideal. Speaking of anomie, some people wonder why the rate of mass shooting is increasing while the sense of social cohesion declines. Hint, it ain't the guns. Just another conflation of correlation with causation.

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