Those mysterious flashes on the Moon? + Dad punched shark 5 times to save daughter

What are those mysterious flashes on the moon?

EXCERPTS: . . . random, weird flashes of light on the moon have puzzled astronomers. [...] "These so-called 'transient lunar phenomena' have been known since the 1950s, but they have not been sufficiently and systematically observed, long-term," said Hakan Kayal, a professor of space technology at the University of Würzburg, in a statement.

According to Kayal, the flashes happen several times a week. Sometimes they're only short flashes of light, while others can last longer. Occasionally, some places appear to darken temporarily, he said. Though scientists don't understand exactly what causes the flashes, theories abound: Maybe they're meteor impacts, which would cause a brief glow. Or perhaps the flashes are electrically charged particles of the solar wind that react with moon dust.

[...His...] team of German astronomers have a new theory, and it could provide crucial information for humans who want to settle the Moon. “Seismic activities were also observed on the moon,” said Hakan Kayal, professor of space technology at Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) Würzburg in Germany in a statement. “When the surface moves, gases that reflect sunlight could escape from the interior of the moon. This would explain the luminous phenomena, some of which last for hours.”

Dad 'punched shark five times' to save daughter

EXCERPT: A North Carolina teenager is recovering in hospital after a shark attack left her with severe injuries from bites to her legs and hands, officials say. According to Paige Winter's family, her father had to punch the shark five times before it let the 17-year-old go. She has lost some fingers and her left leg above the knee, the family says. The hospital said she was in a good condition and that she hoped people would "continue to respect sharks in their environment". [...] The hospital said her family was thankful for the support from the community and "her heroic father who saved her life". [...] Janet Winter, who identified herself as the girl's grandmother, said on Facebook that her son punched the shark five times before it would release her. (MORE)
Today my neighbor had the exterior of his cottage sprayed for spiders. I refused to follow his act because I wholeheartedly think that by being at our vacation cabins on the lake that we are in the spiders’ territory and have no right to inflict suffering on them. Perhaps my fate is to be bitten by a Black Widow, idk. 

Wrong place, wrong time for this unfortunate young lady but a stark reminder that we are not always top predator in the places we frequent.
Coincidentally, nursing a brown recluse (fiddleback) bite right now. I think it was last Thursday or Friday morning. I felt a huge itch that felt like something running up my leg, and I just scratched at it. I initially thought it was just phantom nerves, but then I noticed a small beetle and a spider on the floor...I imagine one was chasing the other up my pant leg (predatory beetles). I stomped on both and then identified the spider. Sure enough. I checked my leg, but I didn't notice anything untoward at the time. Probably Friday or Saturday I noticed an itchy bug bite on my shin. I didn't think anything of it, but last night I thought I noticed a little generalized swelling from my calf to ankle, and today it's worse.

Applying essential oils and keeping it elevated at the moment. It's a little tender to the touch and pretty itchy in the vicinity of the black spot.

And that's on top of what I'm pretty sure is rashless shingles. I thought that was a pinched nerve, but it kept seeming like it was touch sensitive. Wrapping the area with an ace bandage has almost completely alleviated symptoms.

My body's falling apart lately, but no worries. I weather things well.
Deleted because I started a separate thread on the topic.

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