UK has growing list of candidates trying to succeed Theresa May

UK has growing list of candidates trying to succeed Theresa May (UK community)

EXCERPT: . . . the number of contenders to succeed Theresa May as the UK’s prime minister is growing. British Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Saturday became the latest candidate for the job to oversee the UK’s chaotic and long-stalled Brexit. He joins flamboyant former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who has said he will take Britain out of the EU on Oct. 31 even if there is no deal with EU leaders. International Development Secretary Rory Stewart [...] is also eyeing the top job...

Theresa May’s replacement will be chosen by 100,000 ‘male and pale’ voters (UK community)

EXCERPT: The fate of the UK over Brexit will be decided by around 100,000 people who are predominately male, white, middle-class pensioners. Grass roots members of the Conservative Party will choose the new prime minister whose job it will be to lead us out of the EU. However, their demographic is ‘entirely unrepresentative’ of the general population based on gender, wealth, ethnicity and their hard-line attitudes against Brussels. Experts say this situation could make a no-deal exit from the EU more likely – but also, paradoxically, there is a higher chance of a second referendum too.

The race to be Theresa May’s successor when she stands down on June 7th will be decided by Tory party members rather than the general public. Research has confirmed that 70% of party members are male and 97% are white British. [...] Members are concentrated in the southern half of the country with six out of ten living in Eastern England, London, the south east and the south west. Some 86% of them fall into the ABC1 category, used by researchers to describe the top social grade.[...] ‘In the UK some 15% of people come from ethnic minority backgrounds whereas only 3% of those in the Conservative party do.’ (MORE)

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