Beer holding belt buckle

I could maybe see male prostitutes finding that useful as a covert indicator of being up for duty. When they're loitering around their usual spots, trying to look like ordinary, beer-drinking mopers to the vice patrol.

I don't know... I guess the beer belt buckle is slightly less weird or ridiculous than those beer helmets with the tubes running to the mouth from containers held on the head. "What made matters worse was that, over the years, people would find out that Dad was the inventor of the drinking helmet (long after he’d stopped wearing and promoting it himself, lest others mistakenly think of him as the ‘drunken oaf’ he’d railed against). These people would show up at the house, wearing helmets, totally plastered, yelling, ‘BEER HELMET DUDE–WOOOOO!’ in the general direction of our living room before passing out in the hedges." (link)

I believe the mummified janitor (Lester) was wearing an '80s version of one of those latter devices when he died while watching a videotape. (Season One Episode Five --> Malcolm Babysits)

SYNOPSIS: ". . . Meanwhile at the academy, Francis finds the corpse of a former janitor in the basement of the military school, who was missing for 16 years, and teams up with his friends to give the forgotten custodian a proper burial by sending him down the lake in a burned boat and performing a burial at sea, which turns into a disaster."

Applicable Script Excerpt

"It's creepy, right?"


"Looks like he was the janitor."

"How long you think he's been down here?

"I'd say May of '85."

"You can tell that by tasting?"

"No, the date on the newspaper."

"Then why did you lick him?"

"How often do you get to taste a mummy?"

"We should tell someone about him."

"Uh, no, you can't do that."

"Commandant will know you took the key and he'll punish you and then he'll punish me and I'm going to have to punish you."

"Yeah, but don't you think that's kind of sad? I mean, Lester's family will never know what happened to him."

"They probably still set a place for him on holidays."

"Yeah, well, judging by the empty scotch bottles and German dungeon porn, I don't think so."

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