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(May 14, 2019 12:54 AM)Secular Sanity Wrote: Ah, here we go again. Like I said before, from my perspective, it’s not that you guys have to cater to our sensitivities. We’ve just been forced to tip toe around yours for a very-very long time. I didn't hold a grudge because I wasn't offended. I thought it was funny. I bring it up because I liked it....

If you want me to start interacting with you again, the least you could do is listen.
Meh. Still sounds disingenuous. I get that you like it, thought it was somehow clever. But that you almost always cite the source and make this same point about it coming from a man. So the grudge may not be against that particular individual, but just your typical misandrist tendencies.

And if you don't like my honest take on it, you can blame the "casual" atmosphere here.

(Dec 2, 2017 07:00 PM)Syne Wrote: Ah, you seem to be conflating anecdotal encounters, with internet science geeks, with men in general. I assure you, they make up a relatively small fraction of men, with the internet geek variety tending to be especially insecure.

And which variety are you, Syne?
Assume whatever you can manage to justify to yourself....since you'll do that no matter what I say (i.e. not listen to me). Rolleyes

And digging up a quote of mine from over a year ago kinda lends credence to some sort of grudge. I'm pretty satisfied with you NOT interacting with me. m'K?
(May 14, 2019 02:26 AM)Secular Sanity Wrote: You know, thinking of superhero horror, it is odd when watching a movie from the perspective of even a serial killer, how we develop empathy for them, isn't it? We root for the bad guy, e.g., Kevin Costner in "Mr. Brooks".

Oh yeah, even Luther eventually became sweet with psycho-killer Alice Morgan, who was almost surely inspired by Dexter Morgan across the pond.

Ultra anti-heroes have literally become common staple, no longer just old anomalies like "The Sopranos", "Breaking Bad", "Deadwood", etc. Finally entered Bonnie&Clyde or couple territory with "The Americans". "Scandal" pushed it quite a bit for Broadcast-TV, in terms of audiences emphasizing with a team made up of monsters from top to bottom.
I think it says something about a person that they come to empathize with explicitly depicted serial killers. Like the maniacal hero worship and souvenir-taking from the bodies of Bonnie & Clyde. If you can square rooting for an immoral killer, you can probably manage to square advocating many other horrid things.

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