Extinction Rebellion told prison is not a 'yoga retreat' (UK community)


EXCERPT: Environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion has said it is sorry for the wording of its online prison guide, after a backlash from civil rights activists. [...] The guide, which has now been deleted from its website, advised that the risk of violence inside prison was very low because "most prison officers are black and do not wish to give you a hard time". It also suggested people should use their time in prison to "practise yoga" and "learn from their experience".

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion commented: "We are aware that the experience of the contributors is not reflective of many who have experienced the criminal justice system. We have now taken it down and are in the process of reviewing it. "We would like to apologise for the wording used in this document"

Civil rights activists warned that the advice was "inaccurate and misleading" and added that violence and discrimination are commonplace in prisons. In England and Wales, assaults in prisons are currently at a record high and in 2018, there were 325 deaths in prison custody - up 10% on the previous year. And contradicting Extinction Rebellion's claim, 94% of prison officers in England and Wales were white as of March 2018.

"Prison is not - and I cannot stress this enough - a yoga retreat," commented lawyer and anti-prison activist Eda Seyhan. "Prisons are dangerous and oppressive institutions where disproportionate numbers of black and brown men are locked away from the rest of society..." (MORE)

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