Canadian study finds no mental health benefits to eating human placenta


EXCERPT: New research debunks the supposed mental health benefits of eating your own placenta. The University of British Columbia and the BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services' Research Institute says their study found no difference in the mental health of mothers who had eaten their placenta versus those who had not. The data came from a 10-year genetic study...

[...] Lead investigator Jehannine Austin says the comparison took into account a mother's psychiatric diagnosis and medication use, as well as age and income level. She says moms who had consumed their placenta did not have more energy, had no increase in their vitamin B12 levels, and required no less help breastfeeding than those who had not consumed their placentas. She adds that eating one's placenta also did not appear to worsen mental health.

Nevertheless, Austin discourages the practice in light of Health Canada's warning late last year that it could lead to bacterial or viral infections in mothers or their babies. Austin's study was published online ... in the "Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada". (MORE)
(May 3, 2019 06:48 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: A few recipes....

Would a placenta be classified as meat to a Vegan or vegetarian? I mean there’s no brain or central nervous system attached and it died to give life, not take it away.

Vegetarians are loose in their thought orientation, and can eat eggs and dairy commodities sometimes. Whereas vegans are strictly ideological, and avoid even non-edible products made from the hide and fur of animals. Technically, should be a no-no for the latter.

If asked if animals can produce or offer something akin to "fruit", where what outputs the latter could itself go undevoured, I'd usually be limited to selections like eggs and lizards that lose their tails when pursued. (Placenta probably wouldn't pop to mind.) Those stories about people stranded in a life boat for weeks, where they draw straws (or whatever's available) to see who gets an arm or leg cut off for the starving group to eat... Those limbs wouldn't count as such due to the lack of regrowth and permanent damage.


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