UK to be 1st to declare climate emergency + Soiling incidents on Northern Line

Poo Tube: Number Of ‘Soiling Incidents’ On London Underground Lines Revealed (UK community)

EXCERPT: . . . Transport for London (TfL) classes soiling as incidents where passengers have left behind vomit, urine, blood or smashed glass. [...] Mick Cash, general secretary of the RMT union, said: “These shocking statistics show just what a dirty and disgusting job our cleaner members have to do mopping up the mess left behind by drunks on the London Underground.

[...] The Northern Line was the worst affected underground route, with 221 of the incidents in 2018 happening on the route which stops at nightlife hotspots including Old Street and Camden Town. This was followed by the Jubilee (113), Central (101) and Piccadilly (90) lines. The lines soiled least frequently were the Waterloo and City (3), Circle and Hammersmith & City (45) and Bakerloo (50). (MORE)

Labour wants UK to be first country in the world to declare climate emergency (UK community)

INTRO: Labour will force a vote on Wednesday to try to make the UK the world’s first country to declare a climate emergency. Senior party figures confirmed they will use their opposition day in the Commons to move the environment to the top of the agenda. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the Extinction Rebellion protests in London and other cities, in which 1,100 were arrested, had been a “wake up call” and he would urge the Government to act.

He said: “The inspiring climate ­activism we have seen in recent weeks must serve as a massive and necessary wake-up call for rapid dramatic action. Only concerted government intervention through a Green Industrial Revolution can deliver this scale of change. We can and will harness the power of new technologies for social and environmental justice. For young people the climate emergency is the cause of their generation. We in older generations must face up to this ­seriously. We have to have a much more focused and serious approach towards climate change and the damage we’re doing to our planet. We want a world for those in countries worst affected by and least to blame for climate change – and our young people. On Wednesday the UK Parliament will have the chance to be the first in the world to declare an environment and climate emergency, which we hope will trigger a wave of action from parliaments and governments around the world.” (MORE)

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