Planet of the Apes: Red flags raised over monkey brains modified by human gene


EXCERPT: Researchers from Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the University of North Carolina have reported successfully editing a human gene into rhesus monkeys in a study published on March 27 in National Science Review. The gene is said to be important for human brain development and the treated monkeys subsequently showed human-like brain development, reports China Daily. [...] A number of scientists, even one involved with the study, have criticized the experiments. Unnamed scientists called the experiments “reckless” and “questioned the ethics of genetically modifying primates,” reports MIT Technology Review.
What happens next, the monkeys escape from the lab?

Back in the 40’s we found it hilarious when Lew Lehr (comedian) coined his famous catchphrase “Monkeys is the cwaziest peoples”

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