Firm accused of publishing junk science ordered to pay US$50M


EXCERPT: A U.S. judge has ordered an India-based journal publisher and his companies, which took over the publishing of several Canadian journals in 2016, to pay more than US$50 million after a federal court found that they made “deceptive claims” to researchers. OMICS Group Inc., an online publishing firm headquartered in Hyderabad, has been accused of duping academics and publishing bogus research with little to no vetting by experts in the field.

[...] many articles were published with “little to no peer review” and many people listed on the OMICS website as editors never agreed to be affiliated with those journals or conferences organized by the group, the FTC said. “These publishing companies lied about their academic journals and took millions of dollars from aspiring researchers and writers,” Andrew Smith, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said in a news release this week... (MORE)

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