The Lisbon Theory: pilot-wave gravity, spacetime as an emergent phenomenon

A Pilot-Wave Gravity and the Titius-Bode Law

ABSTRACT:  Since its initial proposal in 1766, Titius-Bode empirical law has remained a puzzling source of discomfort as it predicts the average distances from the planets to the Sun for no apparent reason. Using a framework analogous to de Broglie’s pilot wave theory and the self-organizing Principle of Eurhythmy, we claim that several main physical quantities describing the Solar System are quantified. Hence the Titius-Bode Law is a direct manifestation of gravitational pilot-waves at work in the Solar System.

Spacetime as an Emergent Phenomenon: A Possible Way to Explain Entanglement and the Tunnel Effect

ABSTRACT: Entanglement and the tunnel effect phenomena have been repeatedly observed and are generically accepted under orthodox quantum mechanics formalism. However, they remain rather inexplicable in the context of spacetime usual conceptualization. In the present work, we suggest an alternative quantum mechanics formalism, refining the pilot-wave theory initially proposed by de Broglie. We suggest that spacetime is an emergent phenomenon from a prior subquantum medium and that entanglement and the tunnel effect can be explained in terms of a nonlinear relation between space and time that is imposed by subquantum waves.

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