NHS England dealing with 55% rise in knife wounds + Why Canada energy stocks struggle

NHS England dealing with 55% rise in young people suffering knife wounds

EXCERPT: More than 1,000 teenagers were admitted to hospital with injuries from knives or sharp objects last year The effects of knife crime have reached devastating new levels, as new NHS England figures have revealed a rise of almost a third in admissions caused by assault with a knife or other sharp object. New data shows an even starker rise within young people, with more than 1,000 10-19-year-olds admitted to hospital last year – compared to more than 650 in 2012-13. A rise of about 55 per cent.

“Far too many young people are able to buy knives on the high street [...] and we need councils and retailers to work together to stop this.” [...] Knife crime injuries – in numbers ... In 2017/18 4,986 admissions were as a result of assualt with a knife or sharp object, a rise of almost a third since 2012/13. Of these, more than 1,900 cases were people aged 20-29, as rise of 24 per-cent since 2012/13. 1,012 cases involved young peope aged 10-19, a rise of 55% since 2012/13.

MORE: https://inews.co.uk/news/knife-crime-ris...s-figures/

Why Canadian Energy Stocks Are Struggling

EXCERPT: . . . It’s normal for people speak of the price of oil or per barrel cost of crude, but technically there is no one universal oil price: various types of oil from various places have various prices. For example, as of this writing, Brent Crude was $62 a barrel, while Western Canadian Select was just $43. It’s the latter type of oil that Canadian energy companies sell, refine and process, so Canadian projects bring in less from a barrel of crude sold than a company like BP does.

Why is Canadian crude so much cheaper than Brent? It has to do with ease of processing. Canadian crude comes mostly from tar sands, resulting in heavy crude that requires extensive processing before it can become economically viable. All that processing costs time and money, so companies involved in processing Western Canadian Select incur great costs to process cheap oil. So although Western Canadian Select is cheap, it’s also low margin and generally less profitable to sell compared to, say, OPEC oil. The end result is that Canadian oil projects earn less than Saudi ones. This creates a spillover effect impacting the entire energy sector, even companies that are not directly selling or processing crude.

Another factor harming the Canadian energy sector right now is project delays. [...] Despite the overall doldrums in the energy sector, not all energy stocks are doing poorly. [...] Justin Trudeau just shocked Canadian investors to the core by revealing one of the government’s most exciting new investments.... (Trudeau Investing $230m in Canada’s "Top Priority")

MORE (details): https://www.fool.ca/2019/02/09/why-canad...truggling/

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