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Quick way to get rid of those annoying pop-up ads on your computer that I discovered last night. Go to your browser page (Chrome for me) click on Settings and then Advanced and then Reset Settings. Works like a charm.

Any other tips?
Should a handful not be aware of it yet, the last major Win10 update added multi-copy storage to the clipboard that you can activate/access by clicking the Windows + V buttons.

The browser extension Copyfish enables you to quote text appearing on various kinds of image files (usually not necessary for PDFs, as the reader provides a tool). Helpful if there's two or more long paragraphs which you'd otherwise have to manually transcribe. It's available in the common addon stores below.

For Chrome (and Vivaldi)

For Firefox

For Opera

It's rumored that you'll be able to install Chrome extensions on Edge after the latter is rebuilt with the Blink engine, perhaps similar to Vivaldi's ability to do that.

NOTE: Back in the summer of 2017, the Chrome version of Copyfish was hacked to display another party's adware. That's long since been remedied:

"Find your Wi-Fi password In Windows, go to the "Network and Sharing Center." Right click on the Wi-Fi network connection icon > Wireless Properties. Click on Show Characters box to show your Wi-Fi password.

In macOS all passwords are stored in the Keychain app. Use Spotlight to find "Keychain Access." Open the app and find your Wi-Fi network name in the list of saved credentials. Double click it and then click the box to show your password (it will require your OS level password)."---

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