The dearth of self-awareness

Kamala Harris, who supports abortion, slams ICE for immigrant women miscarrying while detained

"Detaining pregnant women is dangerous. As many as 28 women have miscarried while in ICE custody over the past two years. I've called on this Administration to end this practice now," Harris wrote.
However, Harris' statement creates a dissonance with her stance on abortion, which she and other Democrats refer to as "health care."

If the lives of unborn children carried by women in immigration detention are worth protecting (which they are), then how can the lives of unborn children who are aborted be semantically dehumanized as "fetuses" or "clumps of cells" that can be eliminated by anyone for any reason?

Harris has expressed support for abortions even after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

So she wants pregnant illegal immigrants released into the country, to then give birth to US citizens who sponsor their families for citizenship.
But she doesn't care one wit how many Americans kill their unborn children. Transparent agenda much?

'It's not a baby': Student says a baby born alive after a botched abortion should not receive medical care

During a recent event sponsored by Boston College's Pro-Life Club, a female student stood in front of a microphone and said a baby born alive during a botched abortion should not receive medical care — and, in fact, isn't a baby at all, LifeNews said.

Video of the exchange shows Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins asking the student if she believes that babies dying in immigration centers at the U.S.-Mexico border should be given medical treatment.

"Yes," the student answered.

With that Hawkins asked a second question: "Do you believe that a baby who's born alive during an abortion at Planned Parenthood should get care?"

"No," the student replied.
"Because they're performing an abortion," the student responded. "So ... they've already determined that it's not a baby." She also added a mostly inaudible phrase with the word "science" in it.

So...these immoral people think you can "determine" whether a human life is a person...just like people use to believe about slaves.

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