Laying eggs for Big Pharma + Benzodiazepine & cannabis + CUD: policy climate matters?

These chickens lay designer eggs for Big Pharma

INTRO: In Novogen, Budapest-based photographer Daniel Szalai explores the fraught relationship between tech and nature as humans thirst for mastery over the world around us. The series investigates the production of high-quality, disease-free eggs made in extremely controlled environments by the Novogen company in France. No iota of life is left unregulated for these animals. Novogen layers are genetically manipulated to develop a unique digestive tract that is able to keep up with a fast increase in consumption until they reach an ideal body weight. Each prototype bird is inserted with an electronic chip that serves live data for insight into the animal's genetic potential. Egg shells are monitored for color and thickness. Think Handmaid's Tale, Poultry Edition.

Precious as they are, the chickens have an expiration date. Novogen Whites are killed when no longer able to produce high-quality eggs, a Darwinian fate encouraged by the pragmatism of high-volume production. But their pain is our gain: the eggs are sold to pharmaceutical companies for developing new medicines and vaccines. Szalai's photographs are an inside look at a Hungarian farm that produces and retails the eggs. (More of article)

VIDEO (Novogen):

Study shows 45% of patients end benzodiazepine use with cannabis

EXCERPT: Benzodiazepines are a class of psychoactive drugs used to treat a range of conditions, including anxiety and insomnia, as well as reduce seizures, relax the muscles, and induce sleep. [...] Short-term use of this medication is generally deemed to be safe, but there is a potential for tolerance, dependence, and other adverse effects. [...]

Aleafia's peer-reviewed study was published January 24 in the journal, Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. Entitled, “Reduction of Benzodiazepine Use in Patients Prescribed Medical Cannabis," the study found that 45.2 percent of patients in the study successfully discontinued their pre-existing benzodiazepine therapy within six months of starting medical cannabis. The study also notes that patients reported a decrease in daily distress due to their medical conditions. The 146 patients in the study, with an average age of 47 years, received physician-led treatment in Aleafia Health's wholly owned Canabo Medical Clinics....


Cannabis use disorder: The policy climate matters

EXCERPT: Adolescents and young adults living in states with more liberal policies reported higher average rates of past-year cannabis use than those in states with more conservative policies, according to a new study conducted at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. However, the rates of cannabis use disorder -- abuse or dependence on the drug -- were significantly lower in states with more liberal policies compared to states with more conservative policies, for ages 12 to 17, and marginally lower for ages 26 and older. These results remained significant even when controlling for the presence of medical cannabis laws. This study is one of the first to assess the relationship between policy liberalism and health outcomes, and specifically cannabis use-related outcomes. The findings are published in the International Journal of Drug Policy....

I’m ok with this latest chicken design, although I wouldn’t want to bite into a chip implant. A new level of predation is something I would expect from a highly intelligent predator. Outcome still the same for us, eat the prey and use the leftovers. Is it different than dining on deer and using their hides for clothing?

IMHO genetic engineering is an evolutionary step. Now as long as there isn’t some hungry super intelligent ET in the cosmos eyeballing us as prey, we should be alright.
(Jan 26, 2019 04:07 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: IMHO genetic engineering is an evolutionary step. Now as long as there isn’t some hungry super intelligent ET in the cosmos eyeballing us as prey, we should be alright.

Hopefully our own transhuman and archailect successors will keep some of us antiquated baselines around, similar to our relationship with domesticated animals. Technological-based life won't need to butcher us as livestock, at least. No "How To Serve Man" recipe books distributed by the engineered gods and demigods.


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