Most of the World's Population is Already Living in 2019

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[Image: DvwVY_lV4AEsB38.jpg]

I guess that two big upward jumps are China and India. The flatline portion towards the top seems to be the Atlantic ocean. The line starts moring upwards prior to Eastern standard time because Brazil is to the east of North America. (So is Newfoundland, but it's too little to register.) That last little microscopic sliver is us here in California, Oregon, Washington and BC, always following in the rear. I guess that Hawaii and Alaska are also too small to register.

This is why we all have Australia and New Zealand! They are usually shoved a day out into the future (maybe that's why Australia's so futuristic with the flying cars and everything) our canaries in the coal mine in case if the world ends tomorrow. It gives us a day's warning that the zombie apocalypse is coming.

That's not really so fanciful. I can imagine the Sun going nova or belching up a super solar flare or something and cooking the day side of the Earth. The night side might be spared for a few hours until it rotates so as to be exposed. I can imagine general panic and the rich and powerful getting onto jets so as to remain on the move in hopes of remaining on the shady night side.

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