Happy Holidays 2018/2019

Happy Holidays, I apologise it's belated and I'm not applying any religious sentiment to this since I'm not one of any fold and I certainly don't want to be pushing it on people that either have no interest(or are something else). So I just hope you are enjoying your holidays at the end of another year. As always I hope the next year goes smoother (perhaps not as fast) and we all got something we wanted from the last year (even if just the end to the year)

So with that, have a good new year (when ever you have it).
Since the vast majority of the western world celebrates Christmas, whether religious or not, I have no compunction against simply saying:
Merry Christmas everyone!
If anyone finds that offensive or not inclusive, that is your personal problem, which I have no responsibility for. You can feel free to reply with whatever holiday greeting you prefer, without any fear of triggering me or offending delicate sensibilities. That's your prerogative.
Hopefully we can all have a less touchy and offended new year. Accepting more of what we can't control will lead to more physical and mental well-being in the new year.
Happy Holidays Stryder!
Hoping all have a happy 2019. Probably not quite so timely since we're mostly on other timezones but the thought was there.
My house has been like a friggin frat party since my son has been home. He and all of his friends are celebrating the New Year in the city, thank god! They went to some fancy black tie event—a silent disco. Apparently, they all wear headphones. Damn, why didn’t I think of that?
Well, I’m going to take advantage of my quiet time.
Happy New Year, everyone!
See you next year.
)-(aPpy }-{o|_i[)ay$

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