Can intelligence buy you happiness?


EXCERPT: . . . But what about happiness? Prior studies have been mixed about this, with some studies showing no relationship between individual IQ and happiness, and other studies showing that those in the lowest IQ range report the lowest levels of happiness compared to those in the highest IQ group. In one study, however, the unhappiness of the lowest IQ range was reduced by 50% once income and mental health issues were taken into account. [...]

One major limitations of these prior studies, however, is that they all rely on a single measure of happiness, notably life satisfaction. Modern day researchers now have measures to assess a much wider array of indicators of well-being, including autonomy, personal growth, positive relationships, self-acceptance, mastery, and purpose and meaning in life.

Enter a new study conducted by Ana Dimitrijevic and colleagues, in which they attempted to assess the relationship between multiple indicators of intelligence and multiple indicators of well-being. [...] The researchers found that both IQ and emotional intelligence were independently correlated with well-being. IQ was positively correlated with personal relationships, self-acceptance, personal growth, mastery, and purpose in life. Emotional intelligence was correlated with the same well-being measures, but was additionally related to a sense of autonomy in life.

... Why is intelligence associated with well-being? ... IQ [may lead] to greater well-being by enabling one to acquire the financial and educational means necessary to live a better life....

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KJV "For in much wisdom is much grief, and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."
(Dec 23, 2018 05:08 AM)Magical Realist Wrote: ECCLESIASTES 1:18  

KJV "For in much wisdom is much grief, and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."

In that same vein, the knowledge of good and evil sure seemed to bring a lot of sorrow.

Intelligence is a two-edged sword. It can find solutions to unhappiness, but it can also justify choices and patterns of thinking that maintain unhappiness. The difference often seems to hinge on emotional stability.
Intelligence might be able to bring about a certain level of happiness, but it won't bring about peace. Sustainable, lasting peace.
Not sure I'd agree with that. If sufficient intelligence can take priority over emotions like insecurity and neediness, it can promote a good deal of lasting peace of mind.
Highly intelligent people can still suffer from insecurities. Many are addicted to anti-depressants and pain killers. It seems like the more simple minded folk, lead happier lives, all things considered. You can't think your way into happiness, I think peace of mind comes from a different place. People who commit to mindfulness exercises, meditation, and other forms of stress management, lead happier lives. Of course people with high IQ's can lead happy lives, but I don't think the connection comes from their intelligence.

Of course there are ''studies'' that suggest the opposite lol But this is just another study that makes a good point - it's really our quality of life that determines happiness. Lasting happiness. Not all highly intelligent people lead quality lives, just like unintelligent types can also lead poor quality lives. I don't think that intelligence by itself can lead someone to a quality life.

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