Lotsa Launches Coming Up

Check out what's on tap tomorrow, Wednesday December 19th.

1. 2:40 AM PST: An ISRO (Indian space agency) communications satellite launch on an Indian rocket from Satish Dhawan launch centre in India. This may be livestreamed, but I won't be up.

2. 6:07 AM PST: A SpaceX Falcon9 carrying a USAF GPS navigation satellite from Cape Canaveral. This will be livestreamed. Find the link on http://www.spacex.com They don't plan to recover the booster since it will need all of its fuel to achieve the orbit that the Air Force wants. This one was supposed to go this morning (Tuesday) and the countdown got to t - 7 minutes, but temperature readings for the first stage didn't look right so they scrubbed it and pushed it back a day.

3. 6:30 AM PST: A Blue Origin New Shepherd space tourism suborbital rocket test from west Texas. It should be livestreamed, probably here: https://www.blueorigin.com/ . It was supposed to go Tuesday too, but an unspecified "ground infrastructure problem" caused a postponement. This is the rocket that looks like MR's wet dreams.

4. 8:37 AM PST: A Russian-made Soyuz booster is being launched carrying a photo imaging satellite by Arianespace for the French defense ministry from the French launch site in French Guiana in South America. It was supposed to go Tuesday but high-altitude winds caused a postponement. Webcast will be here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRn9F2D...-HgudM7aLQ

5. 5:44 PM PST: A ULA Delta IV Heavy carrying a US photographic intelligence satellite from Vandenberg. (The Delta IV Heavy is a very powerful and cool looking vehicle. Too bad that none of its boosters land.) Weather looks exceedingly iffy for this one too. It was supposed to go today, but weather caused it to be postponed. I believe that a livestream might be here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc-QsPaU7ss

So four of the five were supposed to go Tuesday, but got scrubbed and pushed back to Wed 19th.

The upcoming worldwide launch schedule is here

It appears that Blue Origin has very tentatively rescheduled their New Shepherd launch for Friday Dec 21, pending further review. No time given. They apparently still have their "ground infrastructure problem" (whatever that is) and a weather front is coming in. The place to watch for updates seems to be their twitter page.


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