Jupiter is a Work of Art

Vincent Van Gogh on acid.

NASA/JPL photos returned from NASA's Juno probe, currently at Jupiter

(Quick, call the weather channel, so somebody can go stand in all all this weather!)

[Image: PIA21973_hires.jpg]

[Image: Zy0mOl9.jpg]

[Image: 17-051.jpg]

[Image: pia21984-2000.jpg]
Wow. That's amazing.
Here's something else...

The Jovian moons Io and Europa passing in front of Jupiter's Red Spot, as recorded by the Cassini Spacecraft.

Huh, that just looks fake, like CGI.
That was just incredulity with the appearance, not with the fact. It just looks too clear compared to a lifetime of experience with fairly crappy videos from space, but I don't doubt its authenticity.

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