Chinese Lunar Lander ... Is it Lost?

The Chinese are hoping to land a lunar lander called 'Chang'e-4' on the far side of the Moon. It was (supposedly) inserted into lunar orbit with a rocket burn yesterday. The successful execution of this maneuver was publicly announced.

But the always-interesting Jonathan McDowell alerts us to a deepening mystery by retweeting this:

Ever since around the time of the lunar orbit insertion burn, amateur space trackers can no longer hear the Chang'e. Details in this blog:

The blog's author suggests three possibilities:

"What could be going on?

1. Nothing, the mission is proceeding normally and they just decided to turn the beacon off and/or have changed their standard operating procedures.

2. Chang'e 4 is emitting signals on a frequency that is not coordinated with the ITU. [International Telecommunications Union]

3. Something happened during or after the LOI [lunar orbit insertion]  that now prevents the beacon from operating or effectively radiating toward Earth and China is figuring out how to resolve the issue before reacting publicly."

Time will tell.

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